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this IS my happy face

Yup, that's me. I am always happy and smiley.

I started digital photography in June 2009 and quickly fell in like with it. I can't really say what sort of photography I enjoy the best, I have just as much fun taking pictures of bugs and flowers with a macro lens as I do putting on a full production day long photo shoot with models, makeup artists, hair stylist, and monkeys.

If I had a mug worth photographing (see above), I'd probably enjoy spending more time in front of the lens too. Modeling can be such a mind game and takes a lot more effort and practice than most people think, so I'm never one to rush through the steps with an inexperienced model. Just like taking your time to find the perfect angle on that mushroom macro or the perfect crop on your Yosemite landscape, putting in the time to build a rapport with a model and work through the butterflies is the surest way to produce some great photos.


Q. Why did you get into photography?
A. I'm a halvsie; a half left brain, half right brain, person. Growing up I certainly loved my math and video games, but I also enjoyed coloring, painting, carving, and building (just don't ask me to draw!). Somewhere around 34 years old I suddenly realized I'd spent the last 10 years only exercising my left brain in my networking day job and after taking just a few pictures with a new camera I realized that my right brain sorely needed attention again. Who am I to argue with my brain?

If you have any questions for me, I'd love to hear them! Just shoot an email to jeston @ jestonphotography.com.

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